Affiliate Disclaimer

At tinkoor, We help bloggers turn their ideas and dreams into reality by turning their blog into serious business. For this we share tutorials from industry veterans, latest metrics and tips. And telling them about different ways of how they can make money online, using their blog.

All this hard work, and the principle of making blog earn money needs that the site get compensated for the effort too. This is in sync with what we teach šŸ™‚

Hence, the affiliate linking.


Sometimes, when we recommend a product, we link to company’s website using a link calledĀ affiliateĀ orĀ referral link. Which means, if you end up buying a product that you found via our link, we get commission from vendor as small ‘thank you’.

Here’s is the important thing- This referral doesn’t cost you anything. The entire commission comes out of vendor’s pocket, not yours.

And, we never recommend a product unless we have personally tested it and are satisfied with it. No product is recommended unless it is upto the mark as tested by us personally or was highly recommended by our trusted passionate peers.

Still to make it easy for you to see, we have marked affilaite links with colour of blue,Ā so that they are visible. If due to our error(we are human after all :), some link is left, then it is safe to assume that nearly all third part links are affiliate links.Ā 

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