amazon audible free trial

Do you commute more than an hour a day?

Then with average work week of 5 days, you have a window of 15 hours each week. A window that you can use to automatically finish your reading list.

Or, you have bought certain book, only to find that you are not getting peaceful time to read it the way you want to? This can change with audio version of your book.

Yes, listening to audio version of your favourite book or a bestseller as service is now in India.

Amazon has launched Audible with free trial for 30 days and your first audiobook free.

Benefits of Amazon Audible

  • You get 1 free credit each month, which you can use to buy an audiobook. Regardless of the price of the book. That means one free book each month. No price limit.
  • You own your audiobooks. Keep your audiobooks forever, even if you cancel. No loosing your access to the book, even if you leave your membership.
  • Now, here is the best thing. Easy exchanges. If you don’t like the book, You can swap it for free. No questions asked policy.
  • Listen to your book across the devices. Which means you can start on your mobile while travelling, and then when you reach your laptop, you can start from where you left off.

Shall you spend money on Amazon Audible?

If you like to read or explore your new books, then by all means you should give audible a try. With 30 day free trial (90 days for Prime members), you got nothing to loose.

I like to read. A lot. But what I see is bookmarks telling me that I have a lot of the unfinished books. With audible that has changed a lot.

I was able to effortlessly complete 3 books in September 2019 due to audible. Books which were on my to-read list since last few months.

So, I would suggest go ahead, sign up for Audible, try out your first audiobook free of cost and see for your self.