Black friday is round the corner. Nearly everyone who plans to start a blog or scale up their blog to next level is waiting for 23rd November.

black friday best shopping list

And it is not without reason, you get almost everything to make your blogging path successful at 1/2 or even 1/10th of regular cost.

Which means, for next 1 year (the amount of time to monetize a blog) you don’t have to spend on anything related to backend services of your blog.

Which is huge saving. The money saved can be used to market and grow the blog.

Black Friday: My recommended shopping list

This is the list of products that I have personally used for myself and as well as for my clients. I would highly recommend them.

You can find the detailed reviews elsewhere on the site (will put up links in couple of days).

I have categorised them under different categories, please feel free to jump to section in which you need help the most:

Hosting :

The main thing to keep in mind is that most of these hosting companies don’t offer renewal on their hosting offers and thus is it good idea to shop for 2-3 years of hosting to lock in maximum benefits.

1. Bluehost:


Bluehost is one of the two highly rated shared hosting service that I recommend to my clients. Being one the officially recommended hosting solution says a lot about their services.

This year Bluehost is offering multiple discount offers. Their regular discounts on hosting packages will drop to $2.65 per month (36 months) for basic package.

As a special gesture, they have a special discount for existing customers as well. Those who want to upgrade their hosting or want to add add-ons to their existing package can avail this offer.

If you are an existing subscriber, do avail this offer to upgrade your hosting and that too for longer duration.

2. Siteground:


Awesome customer service. By a good margin.

This, coupled with their Nginx based WordPress service, is what makes them hosting company of choice for majority of worpdress bloggers.

SiteGround is offering 70% off on all shared hosting plans. Be sure to lock in to maximum duration possible as per your budget.

As with bluehost, their discount will also start on 23rd November 2018 and will end with a power Cyber Monday sale on November 26th.

Landing pages :

If you are planning to build a side income using a detailed single page to sell any online product, then you need to know the concept of landing pages.

They are the backbone of most of Internet marketers. All those pages, where you land when you are searching information is a landing page. In case of most of online tools, their home page is their Landing page.

1. Leadpages

Though i use Thrive themes with most of my WordPress sites, I prefer to keep a subscription to Leadpages, because they are so easy to work with.

The drag and drop builder is simply amazing to work with. And their page load speed is fast. To say truthfully, their page load speed alone was the reason to make me switch from wix.

And, the option to create unlimited pages on each of their plan is awesome.

2. Thrive Themes

Apart from couple of themes (listed below) that is on my buying list, thrive themes (with their thrive architect) are good enough for most wordpress based websites.

So, If I am building a simple 4-5 pages website for a client, thrive themes give me that option.

WordPress Themes :

Newspaper theme:

The ‘theme.’

Lightweight, easy to configure and super fast to load. Works well with most of the designs.

If you are planning to build a blog which is going to use media (which most of websites do), then this is the one that will show it in the right way.

Though it is already value for money at the current price, any further discount is worth it.

Avada theme:

Theme used on 3 of my clients site. Value for money, Easy to use and very clean interface. It gets the work done and thus I don’t feel any need to spend money on more premium categories of themes.

These two themes along with thrive themes, are more than enough for next year work.

There is also Envato- Themeforest 50% off deal coming up. Haven’t checked into details yet. Will update as soon as I check it.