More than 2 million blog posts are created every day, every day!  And you will find naysayer telling about the futility of starting or having a blog.

This post is not a motivational talk about good benefits of a blog. There are plenty of posts online which talk about benefits of writing. Here, I am talking about having a blog, even when you don’t know much about writing ( we will get back to this point later in this post).

The main focus of this site to help you earn money and grow your business online. Which means what you see here, is what I have done over last few years to help bloggers in setting up a website and then growing the hell out of it.


So, why you should have a blog? Even if, you are a company or a services firm?

  • Blogging helps in driving traffic to your website: 

You can not make money from your website, without the traffic. There is no way around it. Unless you have people visiting your website, you can’t expect to have conversions, which will provide you earning.

There are 3 ways, that visitors are able to find your website:

  1. They know your website and actually, type that name to visit your website. This happens only when they know you. It doesn’t happen on its own.
  2. You have placed targeted ads in Social media and search engines. This works. But the cost of bringing such traffic is usually very high unless what you are selling is a highly compelling product. Which doesn’t happen for quite some time?
  3. You have emailed prospective clients from emails you collected from pre-launch offers (don’t use bought email list, SERIOUSLY!!). They click the link in those emails and visit your website.

These are expensive methods and usually as soon as ads stop, traffic stops coming.


A visitor type in a keyword related to your field and finds your website, one among the search results. This is called Organic traffic. Now as this visitor came through his own interest, you have an interested visitor all the while not spending on expensive ads.

When you have a blog, you have keywords and LTK( Link here) in your blog, which is indexed by Google. And if it finds it to be relevant, this is shown as a search result to the visitor who is interested in the said topic.

  • Blogging establishes your authority:

This part is little ironic. Whatever makes you start your blog, as soon as you are serious about it. The idea itself that visitors who don’t know you will read the post to judge your knowledge on the topic, you have to be serious about it. Your reputation (or brand) is at stake.

When you blog, you are putting your experiences as expert in the field (that’s why you offering services in the field, isn’t it 🙂

Thus, you research well, collect credible sources and then put forward a content.

Also, read:


A good blog post is able to show visitors, to your website, many things:

  • The depth of your knowledge on the topic, which also shows your experience in the field.
  • A detailed, data/statistics based support to your opinion about the topic. A single infographic is able to convey more information in minimum time. This helps in converting visitors into potential lead for your business/services

See this infographic for the clearer picture:

awesome blog

Key takeaway: If you can include infographics in your blog posts, then you increase the impact of your blog post on all the factors listed in this post!

  • Blogging drives long-term results:

When you blog regularly, it helps you in long term. Despite the popular advice, you don’t need to blog daily. Even, one or two quality posts a month are good enough.

This will help you in 2 ways:

  1.  Google gives higher value to sites which are updated regularly. This helps Google in showing search results of the website, which shows relevant and updated content as search results. So when you post a blog, it is indexed by Google and your website is considered updated. 
  2. As a continuation to point 1, Google insists on relevant part more than the updated part. So, when you post an informative blog article, and it is visited by many people, in eyes of Google, your post is relevant to certain Keywords and Long Tail Keywords(LTKs). Which leads to your post (in turn your website) being shown as the search result, long after you have posted it. Thus, bearing your fruits for the longer time as compared to paid advertisements. 

As explained in this post on, your blog can very well be your strongest sales funnel.

So, While you are researching and developing your online business idea, it is a good idea to start planning for a blog right from the beginning. 

For such blogs, even few good quality posts, once or twice a month are good enough. Slowly, they will get noticed for their content and keywords they cater to and your blog>domain>business will show up higher on search results for similar searches.

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