facebook ad-intelligence tool to spy on facebook ads

Facebook Ads: The best part of social media

There is no doubt that facebook ads are one of most effective interest based advertising medium. No one knows more about their user more than Facebook right now.

Of course, there is Google but except for Youtube, you don’t use many Google products to spend your time on. At least not like Facebook.

A recent survey shows that people spend on an average of 142 minutes per day on Facebook.

And the kind of data collected by Facebook from its users is mind boggling. Realistically speaking, Facebook now knows a lot about their users. Sometimes even more than they do.

Which means, Facebook ads are one of best placed interest based platform right now.

And the recent updates in FB algorithm simplifying the process of ads creation has made is accessible to all.

But is it as easy as it seems? 

Difficult part in creating facebook ads : Creating ad copies that converts

Creating Facebook ads is easy part.

Below mentioned are few of the detailed good quality beginner’s guide for the same:

So, you follow these guides, find or create good images and create good quality ad copies. And you create ads.

The problem is that everyone is creating ads the same way. Which means most of the times you are targeting same set of people with similar interests.

Which means your ‘intended user’ is watching same ads in his/her feeds. Unless they chose to click on the ad.

You have your landing page ready, which means once the visitor is on your page, you have higher chance of converting him into a user or buyer of your product.

But, how to make your audience, click on your ads. How to make them take that one single action which can increase your chances multifold?

If your business can use the extra customers from facebook, then you should use it today.

Even for digital marketing agencies, this approach alone can improve your results dramatically.

Don’t reinvent the wheel: See what is already working

In very rare case, you stumble upon something that becomes viral content. For rest of the time, you create using best practices, test and then optimize.

Similarly, whatever you can think of increasing the efficiency of your facebook ad campaigns has already been done, one way or the other.

How to increase the chances of success of your ads? 

You check out what is already working in your niche. You spy on your competitor’s ads. And then take the best ideas to create your own ad.

Once you get access to best performing ads, you can simply create ad copies which are similar in nature. The very least it will do is give your ads an extra advantage.

How to Spy on Facebook ads copies of your competitors

Method 1: Manually scrolling through offers

As mentioned this method requires you to devote time to scroll through Facebook and Instagram ad copies of your competitors.

But, Facebook will not show you these ads on its own. You need to work for it.

The best way to do it is by actually engaging with such ads when they are shown on your feed.

This way, Facebook recognizes you as someone who is interested in such products and will be shown such ads more and more.

The other way to do it is search for such products using search function and actually visit the page of such products/companies who are advertising in similar niche.

This approach is all right if you need to do this research for couple of ads only and you are working on limited budget.

Doing this when you are thinking of increasing your sales by increasing your scale is the difficult part. The time spent on manually researching all the ads and then finding the bits which will work best for you, will take lots n lots of time.

A time which can be well spent on something more productive, like testing as many ad copies as possible. So, that you can find the best ad copy that works for you and your product.

Or you can simply use ad spy method

Method 2: Using Ad spy tool

If you are serious about producing Facebook ads on scale and keep converting them into awesome business numbers, then you need a good Ad Spy tool.

For this our choice is PowerAdSpy.

Just look at the screenshot below:


best facebook ads spy tool


Now what you see here is a quick collection of currently running Facebook ads.

This can be filtered down to searching for ads related to keywords (for example your competitor), text strings and brand name.

And then you can filter it down to the country you are planning to target.

How to use PowerAdSpy

Use this link to get free 20 searches on PowerAdSpy right now.

Once you have created your account, you come to the dashboard. Here on the left side of the screen you see the options you can use to search for specific ads:

PowerAdSpy - spy on facebook ads

As you can see in the image above, you can search for ads using Country filter, Ad Type, Ad Position, Target Gender, Target Language and Age group for which ad is designed for.

These choices are there for ver 3.3 of the PowerAdSpy. With each update (they do update regularly), you get more features for same price.

These filters allow you to narrow down your search to your intended product or target audience or both. Each such information can help you to narrow down the ads to what works for you best.

The guys at Power Ad Spy have put together lot of detailed videos for using their tool. Here at tinkoor, we use it mainly for competitor research 🙂

How to use PowerAdSpy for competitor research on Facebook?

This one is quite simple and still one of the best reason to invest in this wonderful tool.

On the left side panel as depicted above, click on Search mode and choose:

  • Keywords for searching ads which have certain keywords in them or targeting certain keywords
  • Advertiser if you are searching for all the ads posted by the advertiser (here advertiser is the page from which the ads is running, not the company behind it)
  • Domain – the landing page domain

Facebook competitor research tool

If this is your first time to research the ads being delivered by your competitors or their agencies, then I suggest you start your search with ‘Keywords’. 

For this example, let’s use the choice – keywords.

Now, once you have selected keywords, you enter the keyword in the next option. And then we go down to select the demographics of our intended audience.

Which means:

  • Location
  • Age Group
  • Gender etc.

ad spy filter list

The filters like ad type, ad positions will be more helpful once you ad is active for couple for sometime. Then you can compare your own data with what is more prevalent in same fields.

If you know a certain page of your competitors, then you can use that as the ‘advertiser’ filter to find all the ads in play by them. This is one of the greatest value for money option you can find with PoweAdSpy.

Get 20 searches free to test it out – No credit card required. 

Though the basic plan is good enough for all the needs and serves all the purpose and is good value for money, if you want to test this product before subscribing then, click here to get a trial plan.

In this trial plan, you get 20 absolutely free searches for facebook ads. No credit card required.