Increase traffic to your website:

The first thing about any blog is ‘content’. This is oft given advice. increase traffic

But, the second part of blog is even more imortant: traffic.

Without any work on your behalf, people don’t visit your site on their own. Unless, you are lucky. It takes planned efforts with required steps to increase traffic.

Jon Morrow of BoostBlogTraffic says: to be a successful blogger, you must spend as much time promoting, as you do creating your content.

Which  means, you have to spend time on both content creation as well promoting that content.

The process itself is not that difficult but it is not plug and play process also.

Let’s break down this process, step by step:

Learn SEO:

There are many arguments, which state that SEO as in context has lost its charm. It doesn’t work anymore. Etc.

This is not simply not true. SEO is the backbone and it is here to stay.

With update in Google’s search algorithm, the black SEO techniques have become obsolete. Which is a good thing. It means, quality content isn’t going to suffer. Bad content can’t cheat with help of shady SEO tricks.

Good part?

You don’t need to be SEO expert. You just need to learn the basic rules about how search engine views your post. A simple understanding of the process, will help a lot in writing a post.

Below are two links which are more than enough to give your solid grounding in SEO.

Google SEO guide

SEO guide by moz

[Please read them 2-3 times to digest understand. Share in comments about any more free link that can be useful for others.]

Use Images:

Use images in your posts. It serves two purpose:

  • From SEO perspective, an image based post is ranked higher than non image based post.
  • From visual appeal perspective. A visual representation makes information more comprehensive.

If you don’t have images or infographic about the post, then you can search the images section of Google. If you choose to use Google, choose images with proper copyright permissions.

[Go to search tools and choose labeled for reuse for image types. This will assist you in case of copyright infringement.]

Also mention proper attributes of images while uploading so that image is also included in search results.

Use reference links:

If you have made research for your post, provide proper credit. This adds authenticity to your content. No man is island. Plenty of good posts are already there on internet. Use them to explain the points. 

It is also good practice from SEO point of view, if you have outbound links from your posts. Sites like wikipedia have good authority, links to them are rated higher from search engine’s perspective.

Be sure to  credit the original author of any work. Copying any content is looked down upon.

Share your content:share content

When you have published your post on website/blog, share it. Share it on your profile page, tweet about it, republish it on medium with link to your original post. You should have presence on Facebook and twitter to announce your content. Learn to drive traffic from these sources.

Word of cautionDon’t push it in face of your friends and family, they may not be intended viewers of the topic itself.

You should focus only on intended readers of the post. They are the one with intent about that topic. Plus, they will give you correct feedback also.

Basically, You share and publish your post on platforms preferred by such readers.

Community traffic:

Whatever the topic of your website, chances it has an active community around it. Be active on these community sites.

There are two type of communities:

Q&A sites: Like Quora or Yahoo Answers. They are good starting point. When you help others in their issues, you establish yourself as authority on that topic. With right answers, you can drive traffic to your website.

Forums: Find out forum built around your niche area and join them. It will help you in two ways:

  •  You stay about latest trends and issues of your niche/industry. It also tells you what are the real issues in the industry and maybe you can be of help in solving them
  •  Your knowledge is tested on regular basis. This is hard but important step for growth as expert in your domain.


Paid advertising is an effective tool to increase traffic also. You can increase awareness about your content from PPC or facebook campaign. 

Paid advertising provides a lot of tracking metrics to show how an ad is performing. This data can be used to tweak keywords of post, thus increasing search rankings. Make sure you’re aware of how to write effective marketing copy.

But this is only good for initial stage of content promotion. After that, organic search should pick up.

Is there any other technique which you follow to get more traffic on your Blog posts? Do let me know via comments. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our newsletter for more such articles.