Here is the link to the part 2 of the case study: Increase Domain Authority from 10-30+ in 60 days.

Update: Current Domain Authority 12

Here is the screenshot.

tinkoor domain authority 7th feb

Increase Domain Authority: Activity Overview

The most important step to make any blog successful is the strategy to achieve a goal. Everything else is secondary.

Unless you have the clarity of what you want to achieve with your efforts, implementing even best of the techniques will bring mediocre results at best.

We recently saw this happening with our current case study.

We did plan out the direction of our efforts for increasing the domain authority of What we missed was actually creating a content calendar and timelines attached to that.

This led to a mediocre result that you saw above.

Problem areas

We did scan nearly all the existing articles, at the rate of 2 articles everyday. Articles with missing details, points were updated and this resulted in two point bump in our ratings.

But, then we got deviated, when we saw couple of old posts getting scarce traffic.

These posts were on good search volume keywords and SERPs, but were not ranking well because the content was no upto the mark. Neither by depth nor by coverage.

Thus, we dived into it. This led to series of discussion about which technique to use, how many words, should we have sub articles linking to this main articles. So on and so forth.

The article is still pending, and the list is in disarray.

What it required was a rude awakening and corrective steps:

The corrective steps

Here is what has been done in last 3 days.

  • Content calendar has been finalised.
  • Niche to focus on during the current timelines are finalised.
  • Keyword research
  • Outsourcing graphics for selected topics.

As we committed to use technique which a beginner blogger can also emulate, we have refrained ourselves from using our professional graphics designer or SEO team to help with this project.

Thus, we are using canva for creating graphics. It is an awesome tool to create on the fly beautiful graphics for your blog post, infographics, FB cover art, FB ads. If you have not already, then do check it out.

Now time for couple of questions asked through our contact page

Is content length same/fixed for all the articles?

No, it is not.

Though we intend to create more long form content. It is not an iron clad rule.

The main criteria is that the post should answer the user intent. It means, that the content should answer the query that the user has asked Google (and which can led this to our content).

If the user intent is answered or covered in few words, then it will do. If it requires more elaborate explanation (one user may not want to read it, but other might), then we go for long form content.

Q: Are backlinks important for Domain Authority?


Quality backlinks are used a metric by Google to determine your worthiness. A good profile of backlinks can help your raise your Domain Authority much faster.

We strongly recommend that after you publish an article, you spend some time to market your article. Send outreach emails and share your article. If it is not good enough to share, then you should work on it, till it reaches up to that level.

Quality content and backlinks are two main factors of both DA and organic traffic.

Q: How much content is required to rank?

Though, you start ranking with around 30-40 articles published over a regular period of time. To hold the top spot, requires much more.

Much more.

A good top ranking website has at least 700-1000 published articles. Yup, that is the amount of content you need to start showing your authority on the selected topic.

There has been instances of less material getting published and the site still ranking for that particular niche. Like when started to rank for backlink building, it had only 32 published articles.

What you need to see here is the quality of the content that Brian Dean published in his posts, the depth he covered, a very specific niche & his efforts in building backlinks for that much content.

And even 32 posts for something related to only backlinks and building backlinks only, is more than what anyone else did at that time.

Hence, publishing  content with regularity is important for your site to rank in organic results.

So, get going.

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