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Doing keyword research like a pro! With just two tools

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Keyword Research:

Keywords form the base of your content.  And, Long Tail Keyword form promotional strength of your content.

The time of stuffing your posts with keywords is long gone, besides, this is counter productive with Google search algorithms.  

And, if you use famous keywords, then you are competing against established players. People who have spent time and effort in being where they are.

Means, it takes more effort right in the beginning to look for keywords and LTKs (Long Tail Keywords) which you can capitalize on.



Though there are more tools for keyword research but I suggest you stick with 1-2 for your research. No single tool is there to do ‘your’ part in this research. What these do is, to provide you actionable data. What you do with data is what you have to decide. This depends, on your knowledge about the domain as well as your comfort about writing on the topic.

keyword research

Each tool has it’s own benefit and you can try them with trial period they offer (Links given here will take you to their sites with trial coupon already included)

Google Keyword Planner (Free)

  1. First things first, access to keyword planner is not easy now. You need to set up Google Adwords account to access keyword planner:

           Read : Access to Keyword Planner restricted to Adwords users now (And how to avoid spending money on ad to access it)

One of major benefit of Google Keyword planner is that it gives data from Google, which is ‘the search engine people use’. Even other keyword/SEO tools access search data from Google servers. So, you have a clear picture about search terms people are using as well as volume of those search terms. 

Pro approach: The usual approach of putting in keywords doesn’t work anymore. You will get results related to high competition on top.  So, why don’t you use your competition as leverage? Let’s say, for this example we use the term ‘increase your traffic’ and this is the result we get : ‘How to increase traffic’ 

keyword research

Click the top link, in this case the wordstream.com link of 25 ways to increase traffic to website and then paste this link into the second column (where you are supposed to put your own landing page)

keyword research

What you will get is keywords for which this page/website is ranking for and competition in that keyword:

keyword research

Now the work starts, look for phrases which has medium to low competition with good search volume. In this example it is : free keyword search and ppc expert . Copy and paste them into your research excel sheet.

Now repeat this is with other links and pages. By end you will have good list of 10-15 keywords and long tail keywords/phrases about how to drive traffic to your website (our main search term).

The work is not finished yet. We have to dig deeper to find best of these researched words and phrases.

Moving over to next tool.

SEMRUSH ( Click here for 14 days free trial worth $150)

Now put the same first link into Semrush and  you will get below shown result, Click on Organice Research on left side:

keyword research


Here you will get lists of keywords for which this page is ranking (along with rank it is getting) keyword research

Here, you look into the highlighted part of traffic% , this shows which traffic amounts to maximum traffic to this domain. Like google voice is driving maximum traffic to wordstream domain.

So skip this and focus on keywords, for which this domain is not ranking so high and which you can include in your content. 

When you done with these two steps, atleast few times, you will have a solid list of keywords and phrases, which you can include in your content and get ranked by Google search results for those keywords.

Bigger list of tools for keyword research:

Of course there are other tools too which can help you find Long tail keywords. Try them with link provided for free trials and choose what suits your working style.

  1. HitTail: One of highly rated long tail keyword finder by scanning your content. It gives you a list of Long Tail keywords for which you can rank for. A very easy to use tool. Though it works best when you already have some decent traffic.
  2. LongTail Pro: In their own words: “With Long Tail Pro Platinum, simply utilize the built-in Keyword Competitiveness (KC) metric and automatically calculate a simple 0-100 score using LTP’s proprietary algorithm that is consistently being tested and tweaked. The KC Score essentially brings everything together into one easy number which lets you know what to target without looking at the rest.” This has found to be true in many cases where I ( and few other bloggers) have used LongTail Pro.


If you find this guide useful, if you share it with others and leave a comment below to let me know your feedback