Why looking beyond wordpress?

beyond wordpress

Yeah, I know this sounds counterintuitive, especially when this blog itself is hosted on wordpress platform.

But truth be told, despite wordpress being the most famous content management system(CMS) today, it is not the right solution for everyone.

WordPress is a powerful and well-developed platform. With widespread usage, plenty of themes, tools, plugins and other services have been developed for same.

Still, I would recommend not to consider wordpress as your choice of platform unless you fall into any of the categories mentioned below.

And no, it is not due to technicality involved in installing wordpress for yourself. Far from it. Now, when you buy web hosting solution for your online business idea, you get ‘one click install’  option for wordpress.

When not to use wordpress?

  • You are setting up your website for the first time

wordpress beginner

Strange, isn’t it?

Especially when detailed guides for absolute beginners are aplenty. (psst, tinkoor also have one such guide )

So why?

Because reading a guide doesn’t make it easy.

When you are starting out, you are more focused on developing your idea. 

Which means you are working out how is it going to work for you.

-Have you picked out right idea,

-will it develop,

-what are ways in which you can increase your traffic,

-how will you monetize

You can’t have the best idea about how to create a well optimized, good looking, responsive site to present your idea.

It takes time. Only after some time, you get a clear idea about what you need from your website and you may either learn to do it yourself (if it is a related field) or you hire a professional.

And sometimes, you just need the stuff to be presentable enough and don’t want to deal with technical stuff or technical people.

  • You are developing a static site ( blog being a small part of it)

If your business/online presence requires static site, where you plan to do content marketing via blog, then also wordpress is little over the top solution.

Serving your main page content via wordpress requires customization of the home page to give it right look and feel. This either requires you to purchase expensive option and then learn to use it or hire someone at a higher cost.

Let me tell you from experience, customizing a static site HTML theme is a lot easier them wordpress theme.

For curious minds:  If your service doesn’t require regular updates of new material, then do check if a static site will serve your purpose better.Contrary to what lots of article praising about wordpress as the best platform for nearly everyone, doesn’t automatically makes it, an ideal solution for you. 

One scenario where most of the solutions deviate for wordpress is that it provides blogging feature. Well, this useful only when you plan to blog regularly.

If you are going to blog once in a month, then wordpress is still the steep learning curve. Something better would be using custom domain feature of medium.com

  • You are building data critical website for your business

Now, this is the tricky point. WordPress is a good option within its own might.

But, if you are building a website for your business, then you should work with wordpress only when that is something you have already worked with in past.


WordPress has its own structure to manage and present data/information. This is a standard which won’t feel out of place in case of a blog.

Requirements of a business are different. Their functionality of your user if more important than what is easy for you.

If you are working with database and web interface based data, then thinking about a solution based on javascript or any of other technology is a better choice as compared to thinking in terms of wordpress only.

I have seen many cases in past couple of years, where people are fitting wordpress into solutions, where either it is overkill or required lots of adjustments on both sides ( business as well as users).

An example would be 7 page based website of a real estate listing company.

Now if you choose to have wordpress solution for same, it will require a good theme, plugins to make your website fast and then proper schema structure to present a world class solution.

Whereas the real requirement and experience of users will be with workflow of website along with how data based handling the data of users is operating.

Which means using wordpress for just for showing those main pages (like home, contact us, about us etc. ) is absolutely overkill. You will need proper web solution to take care of critical data of users. Which in this case will be listing related data of users, who will post on your website.

Compare that to a HTML based solution. There is no plugin based requirement. You can even host this website on a top class free or nearly free hosting like github pages, Amazon S3 etc. But that is a different issue.

Now apart from client side pages for your website, rest workflow of your website can be as it seems fit to you.

  • Conclusion

WordPress is a good solution for most of scenarios, but don’t finalise it just because it is popular.

If you need a beautiful website for your local business, then using something like wix is good enough. You can choose from ready made templates ( which are quite good looking ), modify them with drag and drop editor and host it at cheap price.

And then you should devote your money, time and energy to promote your business. 

This is much better solution then learning a platform, tuning it to get a good perfomance which is not core of your business to begin with.


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