What does web designer do?

Web platform is increasingly basic platform to show your skills. And this is true to nearly every skill or business field. Anyone who wishes to showcase their skills or product, eventually will require a website to put everything at one place.

Thw website then becomes your digital address, which can be linked to your social media campaigns, marketing campaigns, ecommerce store and what not.

Depending on field in which you are, the requirements from website change. This is where web designer comes into picture. A typical web designer(freelance or firm), will ask your requirements and then accordingly will quote charges for these services.

These charges may include designing charges, hosting and maintenance charges among others, and thus can be from ₹10,000 upwards to anywhere in few lakhs. This is understandable for someone with proper funding or already established business.

But what about those on lean fund and just starting out?

Stuck in middle ground?

If you are not willing to take help of a professional designer yet. Then you have two choices: Using site builders provided few hosting companies or setting up a site yourself using any of popular CMS(Content Management System) like wordpress.

There are many sites, including this one, which are based on most famous platform of wordpress. But that requires, technical know how to certain degree. Plus you will need to set up all required plugins, get right theme and play around with settings to find out right combination to suit your requirements.

These steps alone put a non technical person in grind. This is where, something like wix comes into picture. In simple words:

Wix is platform built by designers, for people who like to see beautiful results getting shape in front of them. Wix is based on tightly knit platform with core idea to focus on presentation and not getting bothered about background technicalities.

What you get is a thoughtfully designed interface, with all desired settings in reach. There are 500+ designer made templates, hosting, innovative apps, and tons of free features. With increasing competition, they are releasing new apps into the system on regular basis.

Costing comparison of wix

Of course, it will cost. But this cost is much less than you will pay for equally well designed and configured wordpress based website.  For wordpress, the approx cost is:

1. Hosting: $120-$360 per year

2. Theme: Lot’s of free themes available and for generic simple website, they may suffice. else $50-$200

3. Domain : Same as wix

For wix, this screeshot of their payment plan is enough:

Wix pricing

You can check out details here.

Note: You can create fee site design on wix, these premium packages are only for upgrading to ad-free hosting and having your own custom domain name.