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Doing keyword research like a pro! With just two tools

Keyword Research: Keywords form the base of your content.  And, Long Tail Keyword form promotional strength of your content. The time of stuffing your posts with keywords is long gone, besides, this is counter productive with Google search algorithms.   And, if you use [...]

When and why to avoid shared hosting: Factors to decide

Shared Hosting:   [box] First things first: I am not against shared hosting. I have hosted and still host two websites on shared hosting and the traffic is upward of 1,00,000 visitors per month on these sites, so whatever I am sharing on this [...]

You can save more than 60% on your server cost, know how!

Managed Hosting:   Wordpress is by far one of most famous CMS software in use today. And this it is still growing at strong pace. Considering this many hosting companies have designed special hosting solutions which cater to users of wordpress. This is called [...]

How to regularly create awesome blog posts?

Normal blog creation process You have an idea. You also have the content to express that idea. These, you want to convey that with such clarity, that it feels close to your reader’s heart.  Something, that makes your reader nod their head in agreement. [...]