Learn how to grow your blog online

Once you have set up your blog online, comes the next step. How to grow – traffic, leads, email signups, monetization etc. Anything which will ultimately help you earn money online.

There is no single best technique. You can find successful blogs/websites who are earning with different techniques. This is what we tinker with.

There are few concepts which are applicable to make a site come to the top. They apply to all categories of websites : Read them here.

Then there are industry and intent specific techniques. This is what we post about regularly (among other guides).

It will help us to put together more awesome guides if we can know you thoughts about the same. Drop us a message.

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1203, 2019

WordPress Landing Page: All you need to know

Wordpress Landing Page Though it seems easy, but creating a high converting landing page on Wordpress platform is not easy. The reason is simple: A landing page is designed for one specific intent. Which means it doesn't have any additional information which can deviate a potential lead away from that page. Whereas, Wordpress is designed as blog. The intent of a blog is to interlink different articles, so that user stays on the [...]

503, 2019

Website speed test: 5 top sites to check your site

Website Speed Test One of the most important thing when you set up your website is speed of your website. Website loading speed is one of most important ranking factor. There is no reason currently to have a low speed website. Due to competition and awareness, nearly all the quality hosting providers have good speed and CDN integrated into their packages. But, still unless set up correctly, there are chances that your website [...]

802, 2019

Increasing Domain Authority – Update 2

Here is the link to the part 2 of the case study: Increase Domain Authority from 10-30+ in 60 days. Update: Current Domain Authority 12 Here is the screenshot. Increase Domain Authority: Activity Overview The most important step to make any blog successful is the strategy to achieve a goal. Everything else is secondary. Unless you have the clarity of what you want to achieve with your efforts, implementing even best of the [...]

1201, 2019

Domain Authority: Increasing DA from 10 to 30+ in about 60 days

Domain Authority Domain authority is one of key metrics used to denote the strength of URL in numbers. It is little different from Page Rank given by Google. Nearly every site with some level of traffic is assigned DA by Moz (the most popular rating). DA of a site range from zero to highest rating being 100. As your site gains authority in its niche, backlinks start to develop(from other authority sites) and [...]

2912, 2018

Landing Pages: Complete Beginner’s Guide for 2019

Landing Pages Landing pages are specific pages on websites or standalone webpages, which are created for specific marketing or advertising purposes. For example, the page that you land on when you click on a Google Ad or Facebook ad is usually a landing page. Landing page is designed with a special target in mind. It can be to collect leads, sell tickets or anything similar. This target is what defines Call-to-Action (CTA) which [...]