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How to have a world class website. For free!

Free website : I know it sounds too good to be true.. but it is not. It actually possible, without any doubt, to have a free website, without any cost.  Though,  to be honest, there is little catch, it doesn't include the cost of your [...]

How to create amazing screenshots in 2 min with shotty

Why Screenshots? Visual representation is easiest way to convey information. Especially, in articles/tutorials/blogs, when you include images in your post, it improves comprehension of article manifold. These can be screenshots, infographics and related images. Various resources for these are: Images:  You have pexels, pixabay and google [...]

10 interesting site to visit when you’re bored of Facebook

Interesting sites: Facebook is currently the most popular 'news' channel .  Surprised? Don't be. [According to recent uproar about vietnam war photo which facebook removed from it's feed, there  has been uproar about facebook not only being a tech company anymore- read one such analysis [...]

[Chrome]-How to manage numerous tabs like a pro

Multiple tabs: In all modern browser, opening multiple tabs is great productivity feature. Initially, this feature was only about tabs, then slowly it also introduced additional features. Like sound icon on top of tab, so that you 'see', sound is coming from which tab. [...]

How learn WordPress ‘for free’ on your computer using WAMP

WAMP WAMP or WampServer(website) is windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database. Which in simple english means, it sets up a server enviroment on your local machine. This you can use to install wordpress [...]

How to automatically clean up whatsapp images

Whatsapp images: Whatsapp solved one of major issues of expensive text messages on day's of major festivals. Now, wishing someone is not dependent on your phone balance. But this has caused another bigger issue. Once the festival is gone, your phone is filled with whatsapp [...]