Learn how to grow your blog online

Once you have set up your blog online, comes the next step. How to grow – traffic, leads, email signups, monetization etc. Anything which will ultimately help you earn money online.

There is no single best technique. You can find successful blogs/websites who are earning with different techniques. This is what we tinker with.

There are few concepts which are applicable to make a site come to the top. They apply to all categories of websites : Read them here.

Then there are industry and intent specific techniques. This is what we post about regularly (among other guides).

It will help us to put together more awesome guides if we can know you thoughts about the same. Drop us a message.

Latest by Tinkoor – Know what works

412, 2018

SG Optimizer – Updated Guide

We time and again recommend Siteground as our preferred hosting solution. You can read about our detailed feedback about Siteground here.  To take maximum benefit of their new signup discount, I will strongly recommend that you take multiyear plan with GoGeek Plan. It provides the best value for money. Now coming to one of their special tool: SG Optimizer. Siteground's custom caching plugin. With latest version of SG Optimizer, with all the required [...]

3011, 2018

Sites you should follow to stay updated on SEO

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the base of building a successful website. Without proper implementation of SEO, your organic growth has very slim chance. There are plenty of good guides available which can teach you the basic SEO. This is must have step for any one who is new to blogging field. The issue comes up, when you are not aware about changes being pushed behind the scene. Google pushes updates to [...]

2311, 2018

Sendy: Send newsletters, 100x Cheaper

Sendy is a self hosted email marketing application with which you can send trackable emails using Amazon SES ( Simple Email Service). The one and only factor which makes sendy compete with all the other email marketing services is: Extremely cost effective high quality email marketing. There are plenty of good quality email marketing services in market. Like Convert kit, GetRespone,  Aweber etc. These services are good at what they do and I [...]

2211, 2018

Google Optimize: Google product to improve your site

Google Optimize is a new tool announced by Google. It is based of Google Analytics.   Google Analytics needs no introduction. This is one of must have tool (and linking it to search console) to set up as soon as you set up your blog. Well, now we have a step up from there. Google Optimize Google Optimize: What is it? This is what Google Blog says: "simple-to-use testing tool that helps make [...]

1811, 2018

Black Friday: My complete shopping list for the day

Black friday is round the corner. Nearly everyone who plans to start a blog or scale up their blog to next level is waiting for 23rd November. And it is not without reason, you get almost everything to make your blogging path successful at 1/2 or even 1/10th of regular cost. Which means, for next 1 year (the amount of time to monetize a blog) you don't have to spend on anything related [...]