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Small tip: You can have 5 free personalized email ids with Zoho

Personalized Email Id: First thing: Do you own a domain? Yes? Skip the next line and read ahead. No? Read: 5 reasons you should register a personal domain (With ongoing offers, they are often dirt cheap. You can check at Namescheap, Godaddy or any other provider.) Till [...]

How to increase your website traffic on consistent basis.

Increase traffic to your website: The first thing about any blog is ‘content’. This is oft given advice.  But, the second part of blog is even more imortant: traffic. Without any work on your behalf, people don’t visit your site on their own. Unless, [...]

How to have perfect wordpress installtion

[Updated: October 2016] Wordpress:    Wordpress is one of most utilized CMS(content management software) currently on internet. It powers around 40% of currently live websites. WordPress is indeed a versatile and efficient software. Though the other reason for this popularity is that, it is [...]

5 important URL for every Google user

Important Google URLs: Google is by far the most popular search site/engine being used currently. Be it android or apple, google is being used in way or other.  Other popular products are Gmail, Google maps & Youtube. We know that google uses algorithm to [...]

Keyword planner: Access restricted to adwords accounts

Google Keyword Planner: Keyword Planner, as mentioned previously, is the all important tool for any content writer or SEO expert. Google keyword planner is considered base for this part of research. After all, most of searches are done on google only. Moreover, other premium [...]

How to format blog posts to make them effective- 5 point guideline

[et_pb_section admin_label="section"][et_pb_row admin_label="row"][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text"] Publishing Online? For any kind of online presence, content creation is present in varied formats. And most one of most common presence is blog posts. An article also mimics and creates same effect as blog post, so these observations [...]