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You have an idea. You also have the content to express that idea. These, you want to convey that with such clarity, that it feels close to your reader’s heart.  Something, that makes your reader nod their head in agreement. Which makes them feel, that yes, this is true and this is how it is.

Now, here is the difficult part in blogging.  You see, blogging is written communication. Everything that is to be conveyed, has to be done through the published post. So facial expressions, voice etc. part of communication are simply not present. All you have are your words. And, this is where separation of a cursory blog post and an awesome blog post comes into the picture. 

So, what makes a blog post truly remarkable? What are the factors, qualities that you need to take care of to uplift the quality of your post? How to be a pro content creator?

Let’s get it sorted!

Awesome Blog creation- a process driven approach

awesome blog


Content :

Content is king .  Even if you have read this statement many times, it is still true. Whatever, modern SEO experts, growth marketers tell you. 

All other techniques may get your content in front of readers. But, what will hold them to your post, what will bring them back to read more is content. No doubt about it. 

Even a quick search on google regarding any keyword will show you that  good content is ranked higher on evergreen topics.  

awesome blog

As you can see, even exact keyword is at bottom of search result. 


Because, Google algorithm reads the whole post and correlates the content in post to search term. This way Google is able to deliver more relevant results. 

Which is very good, you know why?

It means, only those posts, which deliver value to readers are considered better by google bots.

Which means that blogger has put in effort to research and create the post is awarded with higher ranking in search results. 

So the question is, how to create and consolidate such content ? 

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Steps to create and consolidate content:
  • Content outline: Before you start composing your post, take a pause and pen down the outline of your post. This outline acts as guideline to overall structure of your post/article. This outline connects the different points of content into one entity. It is very easy to get off trajectory, if you don’t have outline to guide the flow of your blog post. Just few minutes is all it takes to create a rough outline for the blog post. To refine it, you can always add points to it later. 
  • Research: Once you have broad outline of content with you, research. Research about data, facts, reports which support your content. It acts as validation of your contentOn personal note, I will suggest that you also look out for data that contradicts the points in your content. It will help you in two ways:
  1. If you are able to counter those contradictory statements, your authority on the domain is strengthened. This means in future, your opinions/views are valued. 
  2. If those points have more merit, then you can adjust your content to include the concerns raised by those points. This broadens your knowledge, and adds authenticity to your content as genuine effort.
  • Consolidate: Once the outline and collection of fact is done, time comes to consolidate all these resources. This is time to judge each piece of knowledge from value addition point of view. Putting too much information on a post is also boring. You can always provide link to outside source, for more detailed readings. Remember to stick to post outline that you designed as first step. Whatever doesn’t add value to post, can be easily discarded. 


Once this is done,  it’s time to move over to next step!

Designing the flow:

What is flow? 

Flow is what separates a in your face, blunt article, into a friendly yet professional post. Flow to a content means connecting all the different points discussed in your post. They are connected in such a way that it holds the interest of reader of your article. Like you have read this article, upto this point based on a flow 

How to design the flow?

This part is difficult in the beginning. But once you have done it couple of times, you develop a sense (or knack) for it, along with guidelines that suits your writing style.

One of best habit you can develop, if you in field on writing content or you want to write content for your website, you should read good blogs on the topic. On regular basis.  

All good bloggers, follow a certain flow to their article writing style. You should ready different ones to decide, which style or combination of which style suits you. Once that is done, you can design the outline of your blog post which is similar to that style.  

[You can use this guide to search for good blogs or websites on topic of your choice.]

Remember: It won’t be perfect in one go and don’t target perfection at all. Make it easy read. Easy and simple is better then complex, always.

Once you have designed the flow of how you are going to write your blog post, type it (or write it, if you prefer paper and pencil). Then take a break. After some time, re read what you created.  There is high chance that once you have poured your thoughts on screen (or paper), you mind is free and is able to think about that topic in more holistic manner. Thus, when you read it again, you will be able to improve it into something better. 

Do it once or twice at most, doing it anymore is wastage of time and unnecessary pursuit of perfection. 

content creation


Once you feel good enough about the flow structure of your article, don’t double guess it. There is no perfect way to writing something, and you should not try to emulate someone’s writing style.

To be able to create good quality content on regular basis, you need your own unique writing style. This won’t happen unless you work on developing a flow that suits your conversation style. 

Don’t skip this step by giving it passing attention. This step is what create a mental structure which will help you in presenting your thought process in lucid manner. 


Once you have the content and flow of your article in place, see what you can replace with visual items like infographics, charts, images etc.  

What visuals can do for your blog post readability can be summed up in infographic below:

awesome blog

-source flickr

This single image serves several purpose:

  • All data is presented in clear, concise manner.
  • Shows and highlights important points, without missing anything
  • You don’t have to think to understand what this topic wants to convey.

There are several sources available to find proper visual for your article. On top of that list is Google Images. [Be sure to use images with proper license]. Then there is canva and piktochart, to create your own visuals.

The Purpose and ending note:

The process of content creation is art as much as it is science. It takes time to learn the science and grow the artistic flair. And it is worth it. Initially these steps will look daunting and irritatingly time consuming, but with each post you will take less and less time.

There are two important reasons, that you should write and publish at least few good length articles:

  • It shows you as authority on subject matter. When you write a blog post, you make the effort to research, articulate and then present the information in best possible way. This shows you knowledge about subject matter in the clearest way possible. Writing more than a few articles on any topic establishes your expertise with lasting impressions. 
  • It clears your thought process on that subject matter, increasing depth of your knowledge about it. As you have no idea, who all will read your post, you research your material well to be able to support your point of view. This research process, within itself, increases your knowledge and expertise on that topic. 


On top of it all, more you write and publish, better you get at communicating on that topic. There are several more benefits of writing on regular basis. 

Hopefully, this guide is able to help you in improving your content creation process in someway. I would like to know your views on same in comment section below.  Please, do share this article, if you think it can help someone.