A big hello to those are still visiting our blog. A big thanks to you to receive the notification that this post is live and coming here to read it. 

One of the most common things that happen in blogging is starting to blog with great zeal, publishing 15-20 articles and then somehow slowing down. A very few bloggers, pick the pace back up and keep publishing, ultimately leading to increasing traffic to their blog.

But for majority of bloggers, that is not the case. Sadly, we also got into that. We got few good opportunities to create good online business and somehow our tinkoor got left behind.

Not any more.

Using our experience of last 10 months and things we are working on to create online businesses and earn money online, we are going to share it all here.

Is it easy? No

reviving blog

Even if building income online gives a lot of freedom, it comes with its sets of consistent and hard work. I with my team spend close to 10 hours everyday working on:

  • Content creation. Without good quality content, your site can’t survive. We create content for our clients and provide ghost writing services too. We are now closing producing 15000 words every single day. That takes lot of disciple and hard work.
  • Visual designs. A good image/illustration/video can represent more than 1000 words of article and has good engagement too.
  • Creating WordPress sites. Though there are plenty of guides available to create wordpress sites and one-click install available on most of hosting panels, it takes tweaking to get to world class levels where you can compete with other sites in same domain.

But, we will publish it all here.

Now you are going to have an article a day. All about our recent learning, how we built couple of online business earning us good money and our on going projects. Read it at your leisure. Chew them and ask questions if any.

So, what does it take to revive a nearly dead blog?

It can’t be done in a day.

Before any thing, you need to start planning for content. At least 2-3 articles per week. One per day is the best (more if it is entertainment or news based site).

Then look at the site structure. See if complies with latest standards and trend. Apply security patches.

Get going.

Unless you have published good 30 articles, don’t look up. Keep publishing.

This is what it takes to revive.

And we are going to do it.