Managed Hosting:


WordPress is by far one of most famous CMS software in use today. And this it is still growing at strong pace. Considering this many hosting companies have designed special hosting solutions which cater to users of wordpress. This is called as managed hosting solution or more specifically, managed wordpress solutions. If you developing a wordpress based website, or even a personal blog, which you plan to grow to some serious traffic, then managed solution is the way.

Earlier, main obstacle in way of managed wordpress hosting solutions was price. It used to be at least $10 per month to even few  hundred dollars per month.  Now that compare that to a shared hosting solution. As a worpdress recommended hosting solution, Bluehost  provides  unlimited shared hosting at these prices: 

bluehost shared
[Insider Secret: Shared secret is good when you are just starting out and have limited budget. But these hosting solution come with limitations about resource usage. Your website is sharing its resources with hundred of websites. Hence the limitations. Read more about shared hosting problems here]

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Siteground Managed Hosting:


Now compare prices mentioned above with prices being offered by siteground (one of top rated website hosting company) for its managed wordpress hosting solutions:

managed hosting

Managed Hosting

This means you are getting all the benefits of managed worpdress hosting at price of shared hosting. And that to from a highly rated customer service oriented company.  

You can read about features offered by siteground to managed hosting here.

This discount is available on first invoice (whatever the amount) only. So I would that you go for longest time you can to lock in the best price. PLUS: You get free domain! That itself saves $10-$15. 

Now one last question.

Why not Digital Ocean?

Digital Ocean is one of fastest growing cloud based infrastructure provider. They provide bare shell servers with root access called ‘droplets’. This service is designed and advertised as  simple and robust cloud computing platform, for developers.

But increasingly, it is also used to host high performance wordpress sites. The reason was below given pricing and other benefits, as listed below:

Digital Ocean

  • You can install nginx as server for wordpress, whereas most shared hosting services are on apache servers, which is not bad. But, nginx is faster, efficient and less resource hungry solution to host high performance wordpress websites. 
  • You get complete access to your own server. Means you get optimize it to level you are comfortable with. 
  • Generous bandwidth. As you can see from pricing structure above, you get unrestricted generous bandwidth with your droplet. With slow performance issue with shared hosting this alone was reason for many to choose DO ( digital ocean) above likes of Amazon AWS and Google cloud. 
  • You can install multiple website on one server. If you know backend, then you can install multiple site on smallest droplet with same high level performance. This makes DO a good price choice. 


You need to know how to install wordpress and optimize your server and pretty much take care of everything at backend. This is time consuming and same time you can use to work on growing your website

Or, you can use  ServerPilotThis amazing piece of service allows you to install and manage wordpress on your DigitalOcean droplet in very easy to click manner. You can install multiple wordpress website on one server (if you are not expecting much traffic).  But other regular maintenance you have to do on your own. 


If you are serious about your online presence and plan to grow your website, then you should be able to focus on that. If you go with Digital Ocean way, you need to spend money on domain and then $5 on cheapest plan of DO.

Whereas in nearly same cost, you are getting :

  • Knowledgeable customer service
  • Optimized Servers
  • Backend team which specializes in wordpress itself.

Go ahead, take a look at features and prices and decide for yourself. 

If you have any query about online blog development, growing website traffic & digital marketing, do post your query in comment section below.