Why Screenshots?

Visual representation is easiest way to convey information. Especially, in articles/tutorials/blogs, when you include images in your post, it improves comprehension of article manifold. These can be screenshots, infographics and related images.


Various resources for these are:

  • Images:  You have pexels, pixabay and google image search (be careful to use only properly licensed images for your post)
  • Infographics: Highly recommened is canvaIf you have some other resource to create fee high quality infographic, please mention that in comments.
  • Screenshots: This is where most of bloggers struggle. The most advice you will find online, is to use print screen button on keyboard. Open Paint, press CTRL+V , and voila, you have your screenshot there. But, this is image with complete screen of your computer there. If you want to show content of a open window of browser or application, you need to crop that image. Then you have to either upload the original image (which will consume space on your server) or find a free image hosting service and then provide link to that.

This is time consuming and sometimes irritating. Especially, when you have to work with multiple screenshots : like this this article about local installation of wordpress


Tiny but impressive screenshot utility. This definition of Shotty . This is indeed true. Let me show you, how to use this tiny tool. Download the tool here.

  • Extract the tool to your desired folder. Double click to run the utility. Now you can find shotty in task bar (bottom right corner). Click it.  You will be present with 4 choices:


Left most option is for full screen, the second is for taking screenshot of a particular region on your desktop.

  • Once you have selected certain area on your desktop, a window open up with image of that area, plus tool to edit the image:


As you can see, you can make many changes to the image right here, to highlight the information on screenshot. This helps to present information in better way.

Now comes the best part:

See the top right corner in image:

After making required changes, if you press upload, then you image is uploaded to a free server at devs-on.net and you are provided with a link :



Just share/insert the link and your screenshot is there in the post.

If this article helped you, please share it forward. Also share your views in comment section, it will help in producing more helpful content 🙂