//Sendy + AWS = Free email newsletter setup offer

Sendy + AWS = Free email newsletter setup offer

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Email newsletter is one of most important tool for monetising a blog or a website. A proper email newsletter service has potential to earn you more than $34 dollar per $1 invested as per this research.

Sendy is one of the most underrated tool that can be used by any new blogger to send emails to their growing email list. These emails are sent through high reputation based Amazon Servers and thus are well respected among email services.

Let me show you how you can have free email newsletter marketing setup for an entire year. No need to spend money on purchasing email marketing service on 2018 black friday deals.

Sendy:  email newsletter solution, 100x cheaper

Sendy blogging newsletter cheap

Sendy is a self hosted email newsletter application that lets you send trackable emails via AWS Simple Email Service. The cost of purchasing this application is one time.

Once bought, you need to set it up on any server, including Bluehost or siteground server ( you will need shell access to your server though).

But, I will suggest you to skip them and instead host it on AWS EC2 server.

AWS: Free tier (1 year free use of certain resources)

When you sign up at AWS (Amazon Web Services) for the first time, you automatically get access to their free tier.

In free tier, you get to use their selected services free for an entire year. One of these services is their EC2 servers and Lightsail servers. Normally, these servers cost starts from $5(now $3.5) per month. Under free tier, they are free for an entire year.

On top of that, when you send any email from these servers via AWS SES, you get 62000 email credits per month.

Which is good limit for any new blog or even an existing one (medium traffic blog).

What’s the catch?

There is indeed a small catch.

The catch is that you need to set sendy up on your amazon server.

The good news, there are plenty of good quality articles on the net who have detailed the steps which needs to be done. But, the money that it saves in long term is worth it.

Offer: Sendy Installation help

If you buy sendy using this affiliate link: Buy Sendy, then I can help you in setting sendy up for you on Amazon services. Though the link is affiliate, the final cost to you is same. In fact, as of today, on black friday, you can buy Sendy at $47 (Good $12 discount on regular price).

Just drop me a mail or comment below once you have purchased and I will get in touch with you. 

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