Sendy email newsletters

Sendy is a self hosted email marketing application with which you can send trackable emails using Amazon SES ( Simple Email Service).

The one and only factor which makes sendy compete with all the other email marketing services is: Extremely cost effective high quality email marketing.

There are plenty of good quality email marketing services in market. Like Convert kit, GetRespone,  Aweber etc. These services are good at what they do and I have used all of them over last few years. I still use them.

Right now I use both Sendy based solution as well as Convert Kit. I also manage GetResponse for my clients.

So, what makes Sendy stand in front of so called much advanced email marketing platforms?

Sendy: Feature list

As a hosted application for email marketing, sendy offers all the usual features expected from such platform, like:

  • List segmentation (unlimited)
  • Autoresponders 
  • List & subscriber management (unlimited)
  • Bounce, complaint & unsubscribe handling
  • Third party integrations & Zapier
  • GDPR features
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Visual Editor

These features are more than enough for Sendy to be considered as a good quality email marketing application.

The best part: Sendy is one time purchase only.

You don’t need to pay any monthly or annual charges to use the platform. The only cost is of your server where you host Sendy.

You can also host sendy on your shared hosting (siteground for example) and also you can do that on AWS free tier (plus getting 62 free emails per month)

Sendy vs  Convert Kit, GetResponse etc. 

This is the most common query: Why do bloggers use expensive email marketing services then?

The truth is additional features present in these email marketing platforms. All these companies, provide features like:

  • Drag and drop Visual editor vs simple visual editor of Sendy.
  • Easy to use triggers and event flow to segment lists.
  • Charge slabs based on number of subscribers. Not number of emails sent per month. Which means if you send mails every other day, to limited number of subscribers, then these services are cheaper.
  • No technical knowledge required. 

Despite this, the cost effectiveness of sending mails through Sendy is something you can’t ignore.

Amazon Free Tier: 62,000 emails free per month

As Sendy needs to be self-hosted, you need to host it on your server. You can host it on your shared hosting provider or you can do better.

If you have yet to use Amazon AWS services, then you are eligible for their 1 year free tier services. Which means, when you sign up for AWS services, you get certain services free for 1 year ( and few of them are free forever)

Which means you can have a 1 GB EC2 server free for a year as well as 62,000 emails free per month (because they are coming from EC2 servers).

So, after spending $59 to buy Sendy, you can have nearly free email for a complete year.

By this time, your blog will be earning enough money and your email list will be big enough to graduate to bigger email marketing services.

How to set up Sendy

There are couple of great guides about setting up Sendy on Ubuntu as well as centOS. I have provided the link of best ones below.

Just to point out, somehow, there is one issue or the other when you are setting up Sendy. There are claims that it doesn’t set up that easily on Ubuntu ( I agree) as compared to CentOS.

So, I will suggest to try centOS as operating system when you are setting up Sendy.

Optional: You can get sendy set up on Amazon AWS services using the services of this guy on fiverr (Not affiliated)

When to use Sendy

You should use Sendy in following two circumstances:

  • You are a new blogger and running on this budget to grow your blog.
  • You are a freelancer and provide email marketing as service, which means big email lists and thus want a cost effective solution.

In our case, we provide email marketing to our clients who are looking for have a cost effective mail service for their blog and ecommerce stores.

With proper settings and proper approach, Amazon SES provides high delivery of emails to inbox of the intended customers. Thus increasing the chances of success for email marketing.

Caution: Due to stringent measures used by Amazon SES service regarding bounced email ids and spam reporting, it is recommended to follow guidelines to avoid getting your SES service suspended or cancelled.