We have 212 of our clients hosted at Siteground Hosting solution. That says a lot about how much we like it.

siteground hosting

It doesn’t mean that this is the only service provider we use. We have Bluehost, InMotion, Kinsta (for 2 of our clients) and one client on WPx Hosting too.

But, we like the ease with which our main site is working on Siteground. And in the last three months, we have migrated 10 of our clients to Siteground. This process was made easy by their recently introduced WordPress migration tool. 

**All our readers, who purchase WordPress hosting from our recommended companies, get free WordPress set up from us. All the plugins, settings and SEO setup done within couple of hours. Please contact us here**

The features of Siteground Hosting

Here is the list of main features of Hosting service provided by Siteground:

  • SSD drives: There is a limit to what kind of improvements you can do with the software part of your server. The hardware matters. This is where SSD disks come into the picture. Siteground uses SSD servers on all of their plans, which means fast servers.
  • Optimised Servers:  Which includes nearly everything, Nginx, Latest PHP(one click PHP upgrade), inbuilt caching & easy to use cache plugin
  • Free SSL Certificates:All hosting plans include free Let’s Encrypt Standard and Wildcard SSL certificates.
  • Daily Backups: Automatic daily backups and also the option to create backup on click of button (Go Geek Plan).
  • Free CDN: Siteground has partnered with Cloudflare to offer a free CDN service to help make sites faster. The option is provided in cPanel itself to enable on the fly.
  • Staging Tool: With GoGeek plan you get access to WP-CLI and staging tool. Which means make a copy of your site in a click, work on it, and then push the changes live.

The Siteground customer support

The one thing that makes Siteground one of top hosting company in the hosting space today is their super awesome and highly responsive customer support.

There are plenty of service providers with comparable plans with nearly same features. But backing that up with always there after sales customer support is what separates Siteground from everyone else.

Not only separates, but their customer support actually make them trump every other hosting solution provider.

And they mean it:

siteground customer care

And it is not about response alone, it is about single point solution.

In my and the team’s last 2 years of association with siteground, we never had instance to escalate our issue.

The customer rep who answered our support request, solved the issue, right there. It even included goof ups that we managed to do on our own 😛

Our requests included:

  • Please change the domain from non-www version to www version. Ans: Done
  • Please change the SSL certificate to wildcard category. Ans: Done
  • and so on..

Siteground server locations

Though each siteground hosting plan comes with free CDN (learn how to activate CDN on Siteground), they have their data centres in 4 different locations:

  • Chicago, USA.
  • London, UK.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Singapore.

With data centres and servers being on 3 different continent, you can choose the server location which is closest to your target audience. Making your website load faster. Every time.

Latest PHP version

Siteground has PHP7 (right upto latest version 7.3) on their servers. You get the provision to change the version of your PHP right there in you cPanel.

They made it possible for our users to take advantage of PHP7, which is known for its great speed benefits, while it was still in beta. Which shows their commitment to using technology or update which can make php executions faster, they implement it promptly on their servers.

Supercacher Plugin

Siteground supercacher plugin is slowly emerging to be their best bet.

This in house cache plugin has been recently upgraded to make WordPress optimizing easier than ever.

Now called Optimizer (use this link on how to set it up) this plugin takes care of all the aspects of cache optimization of your wordpress site.

This includes:

  • Static and Dynamic Cache
  • Memcache
  • Image Optimisation
  • Gzip, Minification of HTML, CSS and JS
  • Automatic Purging
  • Lazy loading

No need to install separate plugins for enabling these features on your website now.

Considering how faster loading websites are preferred by Google for ranking, a faster loading website is a must.

Siteground: Recommended

With their love and passion for using right technology and upgrades for their services and backing that up with their awesome customer support, Siteground is what we recommend.