Siteground & BlueHost are two of the top most shared hosting companies right now. Both are highly recommended by their users.

And it is not without reasons. They are good at what they promise.

You get one lowest, value for money hosting solutions at the both hosting companies.

Pros of both Siteground & Bluehost:

Here are the top common factors of both these hosting solutions:

  • Best value for money plans (with free domain when you sign up )
  • SSD drives on all plans. Fast servers.
  • WordPress Optimised servers. More on this explained below.
  • Easy to use cPanel. Most of services are click and set format.

These factors alone, make it easy for any newbie to signup and start working on his WordPress based blog.

Moreover, there are plenty of guides available about how to set up your blog on BlueHost as well as SiteGround.

Still there are few key differences between the two hosting solutions, which you should keep in mind, before you sign up.

Benefit of Siteground: Customer Service

One of the top most rated factor of Siteground is their awesome customer service. And being a user of their services, and having first experience of their customer services, I will agree.

They indeed have top level customer service. This despite being not so premium category hosting company.

If you are new to blogging, then this thing can matter a lot. Especially, if you are setting something up and it doesn’t work.

For example, I had clicked for the installation of Let’s Encrypt based SSL certificate for one of my site, and it simply didn’t work.

Now, in such scenarios, sometimes you get the error msg correctly and you can figure out the solution. But, that doesn’t happen all the time.

As in my case, the SSL certificate didn’t install correctly and thus the site was showing errors when I checked after couple of hours.

After trying couple of times of uninstalling and installing, I clicked on support button. The rep simply checked what was not working from his own end and corrected the issue.

Yes, that’s correct. He didn’t ask me – “try from other browser” , ” can you please do that one more time” or any other variant of such customer reps I have seen at other sites. 

On chat itself, he read my query, checked from this end. Asked me to refresh. (it didn’t work first time, so he said, just do it again). Voila, issue solved.

And this happened every single time. Whenever I had to connect with their customer rep, it never left in unsatisfied. And I have done it around 7 times in last year alone.

So, if you are new to the world of blogging (with long term plans to earn money online), it makes sense to sign up for Siteground (get a free domain with this link).

It is not all rosy though, they have one serious issue with their usage limits.

When to avoid Siteground: High traffic site

The only area, where Siteground severely falls short is their limits on each of their plans.

managed hosting

As you can see from the 3rd point in image above, their top level plan tops at around ~1,00,000 visitors per month.  Whereas the starting plan tops out at ~10k visitors per month.

This limit is something that any serious blogger can cross within half a year. Much before the year’s hosting plan renewal date. 

Hence, unless you are absolute beginner or are in a niche that targets traffic within these limits, Siteground is not that good an option for you.

For higher limits, BlueHost offers better solution

Benefit of Bluehost: Unlimited means unlimited

If you planning a website after proper research and a plan to execute, you can reach your target traffic within a year. If that is your case, then without doubt BlueHost is what you should look into.

Bluehost offers unlimited traffic on most of their plans. And they mean it. (Unless the traffic breaks their terms & conditions).

BlueHost plans

*unlimited means unlimited