Many a times you get an awesome deal for hosting and you decide to buy it. Like Siteground hosting:

site optimizer wordpress migrator

The only hiccup in this scenario is that you have an existing site, and you don’t want to break it while moving to new hosting.

Many hosting provide site migration services, but, they are either limited to one transfer only or chargeable.

We do have several tools like WordPress All-in-one backup, but that requires quite a bit of technical knowhow.

Not any more.

Siteground has recently released a very useful plugin that works great on their system: Siteground Migrator.

And it works just like it is mentioned, install it, put in the credentials and have your cup of coffee while your site is migrated to your siteground account on its own. It is indeed that easy.

How to use Siteground migrator

Login to your siteground account (if you don’t have siteground, read this review and use this link to buy SSD powered shared hosting at 60% discount) and head over to cPanel.

Before migrating your site, you need to add that domain in your account as Domain or Add-on Domain:

add  domain to siteground cpanel

Once you have added the domain, you are ready to move your existing site to Siteground. You don’t need to change any DNS setting as of yet. Siteground needs a domain on its account (your cPanel) to map the transferred content to intended domain.

Once the transfer is done, Siteground will send you email about a temporary test URL for you to check the new site.

Once you are satisfied that everything is working correctly, you need to make change to DNS/NS to point your domain to new site.

In your cPanel dashboard, click  WordPress Tools -> WordPress Migrator:

siteground wordpress migrator

You will be presented with Token generation screen. Here first you need to select the domain (which you just added to your account) and then the path. For example, if your blog was earlier on main domain and now you want to move it to, then you can do that here.

miregtor token generation

Once the token is generated, copy it and save somewhere safe (till the transfer is complete). Your siteground migration token is what connects your site data with domain on siteground hosting.

Now, head over to your current WordPress site and install Siteground migrator plugin:

siteground migrator plugin

Activate your plugin and copy the Migration token from previous step into the plugin.

That’s it.  The transfer will begin.

You will receive email in your inbox once the process is completed and further steps to check the site (before you make changes in NS to redirect domain to new servers.)

It is fairly simple and straightforward process. We have already moved 7 sites to siteground with this plugin. And it worked flawlessly each time.

In case of any issue, you can contact their customer support and believe me, you will just love Siteground customer support.

Once this is done, good idea to install Siteground Optimiser (their all purpose, updated cache plugin) to make your site even faster.


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