Top Landing Page Builders  – 2019 Edition

best landing page builders

Are you looking to have landing page that converts? One that ticks all the right boxes and gives you maximum conversion?

Today, you will be learning about top landing page builders being used by marketing agencies to create pages which convert like charm. I have shared some of the popular WordPress based landing page builders and also standalone landing page builder you can use.

The statistics have shown that landing page that converts the best are the one with single intent, and all the element of the page directed to make the customer take the action defined by CTA of the page. Even if the product, company or offer has many benefits, the landing page will pick one part of the perspective and highlight that. Such landing pages convert the best.

To create such page, you need proper tools. You don’t need to learn to code at all. The landing page builders are quite intuitive these days and have many templates to make the task easy.

I am sharing a well test list of top landing page builders which you can check out today itself and start building pages which convert more.

We have used many landing pages for paid campaigns. Even for organic traffic, if your blog is about selling some service, then it makes sense to use a dedicated landing page.

Here in this article we have published a detailed beginner’s guide to landing page.

Benefits of a Landing Page

A landing page has many benefits. Below mentioned are the top ones on the list.

Designed for Specific intent  

A landing page is created to highlight the benefits of a specific product, service (or even an event).

Every element of the landing page is designed for a clear call to action.

The intent of the landing page is for user to take specific action: signing up for trial, newsletter etc. A landing page is designed/optimised to fulfil that specific intent. Thus, a landing page converts more than a general page on a website.

Better choice for Search Engine & Social Media promotion

When you want to promote an offer, then it is better to direct the traffic to a specifically designed page rather than leading your visitor to a general company or product page.

This is important in case of paid traffic. As you are paying for each visit, it makes sense to maximise your chances converting each visit into prospective lead.

Cost effective for promoting an offline product/event 

Setting up a complete website for an event or offline product is waste of efforts and money.

A landing page is designed to provide all the required information on single page, leading to better conversions.

Even if you need couple of more pages to elaborate, it can easily be done on a landing page.

All the landing pages rated here, have drag and drop editor, which means a person with even basic knowledge can create a fully functional page. Thus saving the cost of hiring a developer too.

Inbuilt analytics tracker 

As the main objective of landing pages is to help you convert more, they have nearly all the tracking ingredients built or integrated into them.

A properly designed landing page even has Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrated in it.

There are several campaigns, like email, social media, paid campaigns, through which a visitor is led to that page.

Tracing the journey of your visitor through these funnels, gives you valuable information about search intent and subsequent action taken by him.

Landing Page

There are times, when designing a proper landing page according to the intent as well as setting up the analytics leads to less than optimum results.


Landing page builders know that a fast loading page is bare minimum requirement of a high converting page.

Thus, they are optimised for speed as well as global distribution.

Landing page service

With a landing page service, you don’t need to worry about these issues. As they are designed for marketing purposes only, nearly all the building blocks are par excellence and just works.

We have tested each one of the service listed below. Thus the recommendation you receive is from our personal & professional experience only.

More details about each service is given.

If you want to skip reading about individual landing page builders, then here is list below. You can also click on any of these to go to that section directly.

These are in no specific order because each of these awesome tools have both pros and cons. We as team have all of them for us

  1.  Elementor – Light weight WordPress Page Builder
  2.  Leadpages- Top notch in customisation & quick integration with Facebook Ads
  3.  Instapage – Instablocks, quick to configure
  4.  Getresponse – Landing page with integrated email marekting
  5.  Convert Kit – best for email marketing focused landing page
  6.  Unbounce – For the pros and commercial scale
  7. Thrive Themes – Beautiful landing page and lots of targeted plugins


Best Landing page builders – 2019



Elementor - wordpress page builder, lightweight

Truth be told, Elementor is not real a landing page builder but a WordPress page builder. But it is simply amazing and easy to use, that you can easily use it to create some beautiful landing pages for your website.

We like the combination of Elementor with Astra Theme. Even the free version is good for most use cases.

Both work great together and what you get is an amazingly fast loading theme which also looks good.

The problem here is that you need to use couple of plugins to be able to get a fully functional landing page.

You can read here on how to set up Elementor with Astra to create a fully functional landing page.


instapage - landing page builder

If you are a digital marketing firm or a small team of freelancers then Instapage is a suitable option. It is designated as: The most powerful landing page software for the teams.

From our own personal experience, if you are a digital marketing agency, or growth hacker, it is matter of time when you will need to collaborate with someone else to improve the results. Instapage is designed for such situation.

Apart from all the other features present in landing page builder like Leadpages, it has real-time collaboration which eliminates bottlenecks in the design review process with instant feedback and secure sharing capabilities.

This comes at slight premium, as they have only two plans:

Core plan: Starting at $99 per month (Sign up for 14 days free trial)



Leadpages - the landing page builders

With 150+ landing page templates, Leadpages makes it super easy for your to create a landing page in about 30 min. It is that simple.

On top of that it is designed to create a one stop landing page which you can then push to Facebook Ads. Thus for a visually appealing sales page, this is the tool.

Analytics is in-built. As visitors starts reaching your landing page, you get details about conversion rates and other minute details which you can use to optimise your page even further.

Or create a new page to try out the new idea. All plans include unlimited pages. You can keep on trying and improving your landing & squeeze pages.


getresponse landing page builder - free trial

One of our two favourite email services which provides landing page builder as feature of their service. If your marketing strategy is based on email marketing based funnel, then this is the recommended approach.

GetResponse provides 100% responsive landing page templates. And they are available in their drag and drop editor, which provides easy integration with any of the analytics and ad platform.

As the backend is provided by high reputation mail servers, it takes care of tracking your visitors with much more details.

To further optimise your page, Getresponse provides split testing and A/B testing too.

All in all, a true value for money.

Click here to access 30 days free trial (no credit card required).


Convert kit conversion email marketing landing page builder

One of the most preferred email marketing platform. ConvertKit is used by many professional reputed bloggers, due to the value it provides to overall sales funnel.

As ConvertKit is more about improving the results of your email automations, their landing page has only 4 options. It doesn’t matter much though.

The level of customisation leads to desired end result. And rest it taken care by their simply wonderful email automations.

The way effective email marketing techniques are used by Convert Kit, it leads to lower cost and higher conversions.

If you are planning to increase readership and subsequent funnel to guide your readers for a specific intent, then ConvertKit is your best bet. Read more about it here.



Unbounce - landing page builder

The one used by like of Hootsuite, Vimeo, Campaign Monitor and Thomson Reuters says a lot about the reputation of Unbounce.

And they have it all:

  • Pop up and Sticky Bar
  • High Converting Templates
  • Free professional photos from Unsplash

and all the required integrations.

We find the editor little too advanced for a beginner, so best idea is to give it a spin with trial account. Once you are comfortable with this platform, then you have one of the premium product in your arsenal.

Do make it a point to check out their Landing Page Analyser. It is a free tool (with some limitations though), which is good enough.

Thrive Themes

Thrivethemes conversion focused wordpress page builders

You can read the detailed Thrive themes review here. We at tinkoor use thrive themes a lot. Especially when we need to create a 4-5 page WordPress Site which should have landing page like structure.

The main reason is cost effectiveness as compared to other options listed here. Where as still providing similar features.

The only reason that few people don’t recommend thrive themes, is that due to all the features they provide with their plugins, the code of the site is sometimes heavy. This can have issue with page loading speed.

As we use it on our selected managed WordPress hosting or even the fastest WordPress hosting  this is not an issue with us. It leads to beautiful site with many integrated features included in it.

Thrive themes is one of the two WordPress based page builders. The reason this is mentioned by most is because:

  • It’s is cheaper at $30 per month
  • It’s designed with landing page features in mind.
  • Includes email signup forms, popups, quiz builder, headline tester among many features.

The good thing is that you get access to few good themes too with this membership. For a website which uses blog to build organic traffic and landing page to sell service/product, this is terrific arrangement.


Conclusion – landing pages for high conversion

If you sell a service or a product, you need landing page. If you are into affiliate marketing, then a landing page can boost your earning manifold.

A landing page gives your content focus. A focus which can guide and help your visitor to decide faster and decide in right direction.

As an online business, you are fighting with lots of noise. Your page should be designed to load faster, look interesting and present compelling content, else your reader may just bounce out. You get only few seconds to make your random visitor interested in your content.

If you are running paid ad campaign of any type, Google or Facebook based, then it makes sense to bring your traffic to a specific landing page. Even if it is a niche blog, e-commerce store or service site. 

There is not single formula to create high conversion landing page. You can check out similar niche based landing pages, have an inspired design and then you test and improve.

Best of the landing page builders have these features inbuilt into them. This helps you in focussing on improving your presentation, funnel to create desired end result.

Go through the list, most of these page builders provide free trials to check out which solutions suits your requirements.

Please take some time to share your views/feedbacks in the comment section below.