Our choices for Managed WordPress Hosting – 2019 edition

Published: 28th January 2019 Updated 3rd February 2019

A fast loading website is absolute must for success of your online blog.

There is little struggle of mind when you are start to blog. Among the first question asked is which hosting solution to use: Shared or Managed?

My suggestion to anyone with a plan to work on growing their website rather than spending time in tweaking their site, is to invest in a good quality managed WordPress hosting solution. Let them handle all the backend workload while you focus on executing your strategy.

You can read for detailed reasons in the post mentioned above, but here is quick lowdown on it:

Speed and security of your website matters. An optimised server is first step to increase your website loading speed.

When you opt for managed WordPress hosting, you can focus on publishing quality content on your site and executing strategies to increase traffic to your site. You can’t be spending time on optimising your server for fast performance of your website.

A managed hosting solution takes care of that. Along with dozen other features.


Our website Tinkoor is definitely ‘not’ one of most optimised site . It is more of place where we share about things that work the best. We keep on trying and adding stuff to it. Still you can check out the screenshot provided below to see our performance.

The speed that you are seeing above when we have more than 4 optimisations in our to-do list.

Speed Optimised Servers

If you have ever tried Self Hosting with AWS, Digital Ocean or Linode, then you know about self hosting. For others, it means you get your own bare shell server and install WordPress on your own.

There are plenty of guides available on how to install (also there are easy to use scripts like easyengine.io). But, unless you are pure techie, who likes to play around with servers, it won’t be long before you wish someone was there to take care of your server.

There are multiple optimisations that has to be done to tune your server to maximum speed. And this also requires using correct combination of server level settings. Something, that we at tinkoor find quite baffling sometimes.

A managed hosting takes care of server side of your speed along with providing you an integrated CDN. Their server and CDN combination are designed to work perfectly together. No hit and trial here.


Once your site starts to gain traffic, there is bound to be security issues. On regular basis. Being proactive with defence is the only solution here.

With a Managed WordPress Hosting, security is in built. That includes updated custom firewalls, strong infrastructure & regular backups.

You don’t need to worry about any backup plugin to take back up of your WordPress website. The hosting works on it proactively.

And if your website is hit, all it takes is one request to revert the installation to latest back up.


Now this is where you feel truly royal about having a managed hosting.

People who are handling support at managed hosting are WordPress pros. They know WordPress blogs in and out.

And all the hosting solutions mentioned below have above par customer support. They don’t need to be told about your WordPress issue in detail.

Just mention what is not working and they will figure it out and solve it. And most of time on the same chat itself. No need to open ticket and wait for response.


Quick List of best managed WordPress hosting solutions

  1. Siteground : I have explained here why Siteground is being mentioned here. Hands down the best customer care & most affordable among managed hosting. Plans starts at $3.95 per month. Which is nearly price similar to that of shared hosting. Go for GoGeek plan for maximum value for money propositions.
  2. WPX Hosting: Cheaper then Kinsta and Flywheel with similar features. Recently rated as fastest WordPress hosting. Reputation of solving ‘Tech WordPress issues’ in under 30 seconds. Custom CDN.  Scroll down for discount coupon. 
  3. Kinsta: Google cloud based, by WordPress passionate people. Really cool custom dashboard. Besides they keep on adding new features on regular basis. Our go to platform for premium clients.
  4. FlywheelWe recommend Flywheel to people who provide premium website design & development services.
  5. WPEngineIn our words, they are for strong finances only. The prices are high.


For managed WordPress hosting at reasonable prices, nothing beats Siteground.

siteground wordpress hosting

Plans start at $3.95 (though we strongly recommend GoGeek plan starting at $5.95), you get:

  • In house cache plugin – SG Optimiser Plugin
  • Inhouse WordPress migrator plugin – SG WordPress Migrator
  • Free daily backups, CDN, HTTPS & custom firewall.
  • SSD drives, optimised Ngnix and many more features.

In fact, You should read our detailed review about Siteground hosting here: Why we love Siteground.

Oh, and did we mention their awesome customer care. 🙂


WPX Hosting

Our choice for anyone looking for premium managed WordPress hosting. Use our discount coupon to get 50% off for first month. 30 days money back guarantee. 

wpx hosting

In fact, tinkoor is currently hosted on WPX Hosting. And here is what GTMetrix says about it.

managed wordpress hosting

WPX has been recently rated the fastest WordPress hosting. And they have the highest score on trustpilot for customer satisfaction.

Here is the quick list of what you get in this hosting:

  • Custom WPX CDN: Designed specifically for WordPress to deliver content faster across world.
  • Free staging area: For each plan, right from beginning. Preview your site before pushing the changes to live site.
  • Free Fixed for you service: Their experts solve each and every WordPress related issue (with target under 30 sec) for you. Truly managed service. Available for each plan.
  • In their words: Underloaded super-spec servers + SSD + PHP 7.x + Caching = class-leading performance.

We have recently moved tinkoor to WPX Hosting and we are indeed loving the overall experience.

It also gave us chance to experience their customer service and it didn’t let us down. It was as it is mentioned.

WPX provides 30 days money back guarantee on their plans. If you need discount coupon to test their services, contact us.


Kinsta: Google Cloud based Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta is the managed WordPress hosting leader for quite sometime.

Kinsta managed hosting discount coupon

It is slightly higher priced (the plans start at $30 for single site), but what you get is truly remarkable.

Kinsta people love WordPress. Like truly love. Check out their blog section for some of the best WordPress guides.

They have literally coded most of their services. And each one of them works like charm and seamless with their services.

And they make websites load fast. Real fast.


We tried their services last year. And their services were quite good.

flywheel wordpress hosting discount coupon

The only issue we had was the same with WPEngine, the prices were higher as compared to similar services by other managed WordPress hosting solutions.

Flywheel is mainly designed for freelancers and agency developers. Their inner collaboration tools make it easy for team to collaborate. That is how we tried it, and it works like charm.

flywheel managed wordpress hosting workflow

For a blogger, this doesn’t much sense. It is more suitable for a team working on a big traffic blog or to a WordPress development agency.

But, the reason they are listed here is that their infrastructure is also based on Google Cloud (like Kinsta). They have optimised it to provide a secure, fast & scalable solution for their clients.

Check them out here


WPEngine is one of the top-rated hosting solution.

WPEgine Managed WordPress hosting solution

Services wise, they still are.

It is that they have increased their prices recently. Now their plans start from $35 for 1 site. Which is little high compared to Kinsta ($30) which is already on top list due their features.

Here are the features of WPEngine which makes it worth it:

  • WPEngine has built their own Evercache technology to speed up site loading speed.
  • Access to premium Genesis Framework themes. This feature alone puts their prices in range for the combined solution of hosting and theme required for building a quality site. 
  • Two factor authentication for account login. They protect your sites both from service level as well as access level. A nifty feature.


Our take on managed WordPress Hosting

If you are starting out with limited knowledge about technical stuff for WordPress, then opt for Siteground. It is priced nearly equal to a good quality shared hosting solution.

When you are starting out, your focus should be on building content and traffic for your site. Not solving minor issues here and there.

If you would like to host your site on truly fast service, then WPX Hosting is our choice.

What you get is a Website loading in an instant, without worrying about it.

All other options are good too. They are highly recommended too.

Just that we like to focus on recommending a single good service on our words and let you work on building your traffic and income