Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the base of building a successful website. Without proper implementation of SEO, your organic growth has very slim chance.

There are plenty of good guides available which can teach you the basic SEO. This is must have step for any one who is new to blogging field.

The issue comes up, when you are not aware about changes being pushed behind the scene. Google pushes updates to its algorithm on nearly daily basis.

Many of these changes are small ones. Only once is a while a change comes which is big enough to impact traffic in big way.

This is where keeping yourself up to date with latest in SEO field helps.

This list represents top blogs with passionate teams who will provide you with latest information

Top SEO blogs

Just to be clear, if you believe that we have missed any site that should be included here, please feel free to comment that below and we will go through that.

What we have looked through is how soon the information is updated & detailed content. Hence, twitter handles, short news articles don’t count.

Search Engine Journal

Our go to site. SEJ is updated nearly along with Google algorithm updates. They are really in depth about SEO, specifically search engine algorithms as whole. A must follow.

Their about page:

-Launched in 2003, SEJ is unique in its community-based approach to search marketing content. Virtually all of our contributed articles come from real online marketing experts, both independent and in-house.

Ahrefs Blog:

Ahrefs has developed their own organic traffic based on what they teach in their blog articles. What you find is in depth, huge data based research and well written ‘mini-encyclopedia articles’.

If you are in the game for long term (which you should to build your brand), then this is the blog you should subscribe to.

You can get access top 150 articles published on Ahrefs Blog on SEO here.


By Brian Dean. The acclaimed expert on building backlinks. He is perfect example of how focus & planned approach on niche, even in a highly competitive domain, can be made successful.

Since launching Backlinko, Brian quickly made a name for himself by publishing insanely practical strategies that marketers can use to grow their online business. Backlinko is now one of the most popular marketing blogs online.

Neil Patel:

He needs no introduction. As per the about page on his site:

-He is a New York Times best selling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies.

But more important than that is that each of article Neil publishes about how to optimise your website from SEO perspective is freaking huge. Like more than 3500 words each. And make that at least 2 per week.

He actually does what he preaches, which makes him what he is. Follow his blog and you will get all you need.