Website Speed Test

Website Speed Test

One of the most important thing when you set up your website is speed of your website. Website loading speed is one of most important ranking factor.

There is no reason currently to have a low speed website. Due to competition and awareness, nearly all the quality hosting providers have good speed and CDN integrated into their packages.

But, still unless set up correctly, there are chances that your website may be performing at slower speed. It can be due to some setting not enabled, images not optimized or some plugins taking up space etc.

Thus, it is good idea to do website speed test on regular basis. It helps you in keep your site up to date. And avoid any surprises.

Why you should check your website speed on multiple testing sites?

Because it gives your complete idea.

Different speed testing websites use different location servers and different ways of testing your website loading speed. This helps in getting clear picture of the actual site loading time as well as the issue underlying.

It’s like analysing traffic using both Google(by sharing data between analytics, adsense & adwords) and Facebook pixel, it gives you better idea.

Top 5 sites for speed test


Though you can test your website speed from homepage only, it is still a good idea to create an account at GTMetrix. When you create account, you can change the test server location.

The default testing server is in Vancouver, Canada. So, if your target audience are in UK, London server will give you accurate information.

2. Tools by Pingdom

Along with providing you website loading time, it also provides a percentage score of your website.

This percentage score tells you how is your site speed as compared to all the other site’s loading speed. In our experience, this percentage score is more of vanity number.

The site loading numbers are pretty accurate though.

3. Page Speed Insight – Google

The official testing tool of Google. This is the one that tells you how Google will view your website.

In latest changes, Google Page insight provides lots of useful information about different speed parameters of your website.

Keep one thing in mind. If your site is scoring more than 85, it is good enough. Don’t waste time in overoptimizing, unless your site loading speed as per other tools is more than 3 seconds.

4. WebPagetest

This website was highly recommended till 2018, but recently they have received flak for inaccurate data. Still, it is recommended to test your website here.

You get a detailed tech report about your website loading speed.

5. Test my site – Google

This site is to compare the mobile version of your website by Google. And with mobile being the main deciding factor for speed and ranking now, it is important point to test.

The good point is that this site generate an in-depth report which you receive on your email. As per our latest test, 2 second loading time on 4G connection is considered average by Google. 1.2-1.5 is what is above average.


Speed is important

How fast your website loads, on mobile and desktop can have very serious effect on your online business. With faster internet, expectation about fast loading website is higher.

And there is no reason to have a slow site now. Even an image heavy site can be optimised to load in minimal time.

All the top rated hosting companies provide SSD servers, optimisation, caching and CDN to make your website load faster.

Check your website speed today and then follow this guide (updated February 2019) to make your website load faster.