WordPress Landing Page

Though it seems easy, but creating a high converting landing page on WordPress platform is not easy.

The reason is simple:

A landing page is designed for one specific intent. Which means it doesn’t have any additional information which can deviate a potential lead away from that page.

Whereas, WordPress is designed as blog. The intent of a blog is to interlink different articles, so that user stays on the site longer.

Thus, by design itself, it is contradictory.

But, it doesn’t need to be.

If you don’t know HTML/CSS or don’t want to spend money on landing page builders, then WordPress is your best choice to create on the go landing page.

This guide has all the information you need to create fast loading, high converting landing page on WordPress.

Requirements of building landing page using WordPress – technical

Wordpress landing page

A landing page which doesn’t convert is no good. Thus anything that can effect the efficiency of landing page is important.

Here is the quick list of important technical factors for building a landing page:

  • Fast hosting – CDN included: The page should ideally load under 2 seconds. Sub 1 sec is preferred. 
  • Ultra light theme – Heavy themes slow down the loading of important elements of the landing page.
  • Lead capture tool/plugin: Plugin needs to load fast and customisable.

Fast Hosting

Fast loading websites is basic necessity for success of your blog. In case of landing page, speed is the prime deciding factor.

Unless your landing page is about a unique product, your landing page is in competition with other landing pages of same niche.

And any user won’t wait for your page to load. He can click away or close the tab if it takes too long.

Keep your page loading time under 3 seconds and you are good to go.

A fast managed hosting is perfect solution for such requirement. Such managed WordPress hosting are optimised for speed and it takes care of all the server level requirements of making your site fast.

Besides, all managed WordPress hosting come with CDN integrated, leaving no stone unturned to make your site load faster.

Light WordPress theme & Page builders

As with the speed, one of the most important factor that effects the speed of WordPress sites is the theme installed. For landing page, you need to work on choosing a theme which is both lightweight and functional.

Over the time, we have worked through many themes. Themes like Astra, Generate Press, Newspaper, Elementor are fast loading and amazingly customisable.

We have found the combination of Astra theme with Elementor Page builder to be a perfect combination. Even free version are good enough for many scenarios. 

Lead capture plugin

The main purpose of a landing page is either to make user take a transacting action or to provide us with a way to communicate with him later. That way of communication in nearly all the cases is email address of the visitor.

Thus, your landing page needs an approach to collect email ids. It can be done in two ways.

First way:

You install the plugin for this specific purpose.

There are standard lead capture plugins, like optin monster, sumo as well as those provided by your email marketing service like convertkit, getresponse etc.

What you chose depend a lot on what your landing page is all about. If your intent is to contact your visitors to set up a meeting,  sign up for an offer, then a specialised service like optinmonster is better choice.

But, if your landing page is part of a sales funnel, then it is better to integrate it with a email marketing solution. The reason is because such sales funnels are designed to delivered well time, mails in sequence before presenting the final offer.

The main deciding factor is again the speed & customisation choices.

Second approach:

Both the page builders that we use: Elementor and Thrive themes provide in built pop up based as well as inline lead capture elements.

These page builder based approach has the advantage of speed because:

  • The files required by page builder are anyway getting loaded when page is being loaded.
  • One less plugin is getting installed, directly impacting the speed of your landing page.



When properly configured, a WordPress based landing page can be quite as fast as a static page built on HTML/CSS/JQuery.

The main requirement is loading speed of the page and the functionality required for design of the page.

With the speed provided by hosting these days and light weight themes, it is quite easy to achieve similar results from WordPress too.

Besides, it is easy to make landing page with WordPress due to drag and drop functionality of the page builders. 

Go ahead, give it a try. You will definitely like the results.