WPX Hosting – Fastest WordPress Hosting

WPX Hosting - fastest wordpress hosting

There are certain niche, where speed with which you site loads can make a difference in bounce rate. Like entertainment niche, affiliate marketing blogs or when you are talking about fast loading sites itself.

If you are working on any of such niche in coming year, then you need to take every step to make sure that your site loads fast.

That being said, fast loading websites is now basic requirement for any website. Every 0.1 sec delay can lead upto 20% jump in your bounce rate.

If you are just starting out, then I recommend that you can skip this page for time being. I will strongly recommend Siteground for anyone who is just starting and learning to earn money online.

WPX Hosting is premium hosting. Though when you sign up following this link, you get WPX discount coupon, which gives you 50% off on first month’s fee.

If the discount coupon is not automatically applied, then send me msg on facebook.com/tinkoor with details of  id that you registered with WPXHosting and I will msg you the code. 

In November 2018, we working on one our US based client’s website and one of his main stated objective was super fast loading of website. We decided to try WPX Hosting – which has been recently ranked as fastest WordPress hosting.

Before we share our down test results, here are the few main features of WPX Hosting.

Unique Features of WPX Hosting

  • #1 most trusted host on Trustpilot:  Out of  161 hosting companies. You can read the real reviews of their users here. As you can see from the feedback comments, this in itself is huge.
  • In House CDN: It is their own custom built Content Delivery Network. Specially designed for WordPress based hosting. And best part, it comes free with each plan. No Up sell.
  • Google backed unlimited free SSL – Forever:  Just read that again. It is Google backed, and it is free forever.
  • Truly managed WordPress Service: WPX Hosting promises to solve your WordPress issues for you. No gimmick at all. They will simply handle any issue related to your WordPress installation on their platform. No excuse.

The last point is true. In fact the stated statement is that any WordPress related issue will be solved within 30 min. Guaranteed.

Free staging for WordPress

If you wish to develop a high traffic website, then two things are very important for you. Stage environment & Managed Backend.

WPX Hosting provides ‘free staging’   with each of their account. When you want to make any change to your site, just create that page in staging area, share with your circle for quick feedback. Once satisfied, you push it to live site.

In most of other hosting services, staging environment is available on their higher end plans. Not in case of WPX hosting. You get all the features right from the first plan.

Custom CDN – Free on all plans

WPX hosting is focussed on speed. Which means developing in house solutions to each and every problem that WordPress users may encounter.

Like CDN (Content Delivery Network). Even if you are targeting users from single country, CDN helps you in delivering consistent and fast performance to all the visitors at all times. You site loads faster if you use CDN on your website.

Most of hosting companies offer CDN from either Cloudflare (Siteground doest that) or you have to get from premium CDN services.

WPX Hosting has gone one step further and actually developed its own CDN called WPX Cloud.

Here’s their official stand for same:

Unlike most CDNs, our Cloud was custom-built from the ground up BY us (a hosting company!) specifically FOR high performance WordPress hosting!

We test and tweak our Cloud CDN constantly for maximum WordPress performance and that’s something that conventional CDN companies (who are not hosting companies) can’t, or simply won’t, do.

Go figure!

Everything for every plan 

This is what we liked the most about WPX Hosting.

All the features, support are equal for each plan. Right from the starter plan. The only difference is number of domains you can host, bandwidth required etc.

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WPX hosting fastest managed wordpress hosting

Which means you don’t need to upgrade your plan to higher plan just to get access to certain features. 

This is what we liked the most about this hosting company. No more gimmick.

And these plans are there right from beginning.

There is no renewal shock.

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If you want a no nonsense, fully committed Managed WordPress hosting, try WPX Hosting today. You will love it.

It it totally worth it. And it will take care of lots of factor about helping you rank your Website higher in search results for sure.