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612, 2018

How to migrate your site to Siteground without any technical help

Many a times you get an awesome deal for hosting and you decide to buy it. Like Siteground hosting: The only hiccup in this scenario is that you have an existing site, and you don't want to break it while moving to new hosting. Many hosting provide site migration services, but, they are either limited to one transfer only or chargeable. We do have several tools like Wordpress All-in-one backup, but that requires [...]

412, 2018

SG Optimizer – Updated Guide

We time and again recommend Siteground as our preferred hosting solution). With latest version of SG Optimizer, with all the required features from a caching plugin in one place, it has just bumped itself to the very top of our list. This latest version of SG optimiser is version 5.0.4, released on 4th December 2018. If you are already on Siteground hosting, please update your plugin to latest version. If not, then read the [...]

3011, 2018

Sites you should follow to stay updated on SEO

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the base of building a successful website. Without proper implementation of SEO, your organic growth has very slim chance. There are plenty of good guides available which can teach you the basic SEO. This is must have step for any one who is new to blogging field. The issue comes up, when you are not aware about changes being pushed behind the scene. Google pushes updates to [...]

2311, 2018

Sendy: Send newsletters, 100x Cheaper

Sendy is a self hosted email marketing application with which you can send trackable emails using Amazon SES ( Simple Email Service). There are plenty of good quality email marketing services in market. Like convert kit, Mailchimp, Aweber etc. These services are good at what they do and I have used all of them over last few years. Right now I use both Sendy based solution as well as Convert Kit. I also [...]

2311, 2018

Sendy + AWS = Free email newsletter setup offer

Email newsletter is one of most important tool for monetising a blog or a website. A proper email newsletter service has potential to earn you more than $34 dollar per $1 invested as per this research. Sendy is one of the most underrated tool that can be used by any new blogger to send emails to their growing email list. These emails are sent through high reputation based Amazon Servers and thus are well [...]