This used to be a single guy post, now we are a team.


It started as just a blog with few posts by Rohit (rohit at tinkoor dot com) in 2016 then a couple of our online businesses took off right and somehow tinkoor was left out.

Then in September 2018, we came back to what we love the most. Sharing awesome things that can help you build an online business and make money online — something that can give you financial freedom along with building career for you.

Now, the two fields of finance and technology give us an edge in building an income online.

In our team we have –

WordPress & Backend services expert (7.5 years experience)
Finance expert (12 years experience)
Digital Marketing expert (8 Years experience with some of the big names in the industry)
Content Creation Experts ( This team churns out more than 12000 words of high-quality content every day.).
As of now, we provide consulting on building blogs, bringing and growing traffic, digital marketing planning & execution and building an income stream online.

We are a big fan of using technology to create healthy, sustainable businesses. A right combination of tools can help you in being lean & bootstrapped while building your business.

What you find at Tinkoor is what we have learned over the last half of decade of working in this field. We have tried, tested, failed and finally succeeded. More than a couple of time. All the tips, tricks, and mantras that you read on our site comes from our own experience.

We know what works and what doesn’t. And we keep learning and experimenting with new things. We share around 95-98% of the things that we use for ourselves and our clients.

The name Tinkoor is something Rohit used to refer to tinkering with tech things to see what works and what doesn’t. As a team we like to do with things that work today, we tinker with it. To make it useful and efficient.

What you find here is filtered down, processed, tested and validated knowledge. But that can change once we know tomorrow about something, that can work better or is more effective.

Till then,

Let’s tinker with something new today! Up above, it’s open grassland — all for your taking.